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    Electric mowers are a highly practical option because they’re very lightweight, easy to use, and simple to maintain. You’ll find that you can quickly and easily keep a small to medium sized garden in check, just so long as there is a nearby power supply. There’s no need to mix oils and petrol, there’s no fluid to drain and there’s no complicated winter storage procedures. It’s simply a case of unplugging your machine and tucking it away for the colder months, and then bringing it back out when the grass starts to grow. These machines can usually be folded down for easier storage, and they can also be hung up and turned over as there is no spark plug to worry about.

    The main downside of an electric mower is the fact that they have a long cable which you will need to avoid when you’re mowing and also need to tuck out of the way for storage. One of the most popular electric mower accessories is a cable winder. These are ingenious in their simplicity, clipping on to the handle of your machine and giving a point to wrap around. Some machines will have this as a built in option but it’s such a useful feature that it seems as if it is something every electric machine should come with as standard.

    Improve the functionality of your electric lawnmower and prevent your cable from becoming twisted or even damaged in the shed with a simple cable winder – they’re an absolute must for anyone with an electric lawnmower!