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Bertolini differs from many competing manufacturer in the professional tiller market in that versatility is at the core of the company’s design philosophy, not just an afterthought. Herein, therefore, we find a number of Bertolini accessories designed to transform your Bertolini two-wheeled tractor into an all-round, grass-mowing, soil-cultivating, snow-throwing grounds maintenance machine! This, needless to say, should appeal to any horticultural or landscaping professional looking for a machine capable of tackling even the toughest soil cultivation work while also being adaptable enough to ensure year round satisfaction.

As you’d expect from a company so well respected within the industry, all of the Bertolini attachments perform to the highest levels, with many utilising a clever QuickFit coupling system to make changeovers fast and simple. With one tractor unit it is therefore possible to move from soil cultivation to ploughing to grass cutting in the space of one morning, all without the hassle, expense and extensive storage space required when buying and running several different machines. Already this probably sounds like a dream come true to some out there, especially those who have resisted buying a dedicated cultivator for fear that it might spend most of the year sitting around unused, but with the variety of attachments available for Bertolini machines we assure you that there is still much more to get excited about.

We’ll begin with the basics, though even here Bertolini offers the user far more choice than many manufacturers. The various Bertolini soil cultivation units for example, all come with adjustable cowling to allow you to work safely and effectively on different kinds of terrain. All also offer adjustable working widths to ensure versatility and precision regardless of the job at hand. The cutter bar attachments, meanwhile, allow you to convert your two-wheeled tractor into a powerful scythe mower, cutting grass with a reciprocating scissor-like action which leaves a cleaner cut and heals more quickly for a healthier lawn.

It is with its range of additional accessories that Bertolini truly leaves the competition standing in the dust, however, with accessories available for everything from transporting heavy goods and equipment to clearing snow and tidying overgrown undergrowth. This includes powered brushes, trailers, rotary mulching mowers, snow throwers, flail mowers, ploughs and front shovel attachments, many of which you will not find available as accessories on any other cultivator. For optimal versatility which will allow you to make the most of your tiller, then, there really is no choice but Bertolini attachments.