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    When you’re mowing large areas of grass you’ll find grass boxes fill up rapidly, meaning you have to stop to empty your collection box before you can finish the job at hand. While this might just be part of mowing the lawn for some people, it can become a bit of a pain, especially if you have a lot to get done. You’ll also need to find somewhere to get rid of your clippings, whether that is by composting or filling up your garden waste bin.

    An alternative to grass collection is to turn your lawnmower into a mulching machine by fitting a simple plastic mulching plug (a mower side chute). This will prevent the grass clippings entering the collection box, and instead hold them beneath the cutting blades for longer until they are finely sliced and distributed about your lawn. All in all mulching is about 60% quicker than collecting your clippings and having to dispose of them after you mow. Other than preventing you from stopping and starting to empty the grass box, this has the added benefit of providing added nutrition for your lawn. The clippings help to add nitrogen to the lawn regularly, and you won’t need to add chemical treatments as frequently, if at all.

    As some mowers don’t come with their own collection box, or you might find yourself needing a spare or replacement, you will also find those products here.