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    The revolutionary hover mower is a piece of kit which is exceptionally good on taller grass, or areas where the ground is less even. You’ll find they can be used to great success on slopes, and their lightweight chassis means they’re incredibly easy to use. Those with small and large gardens alike find these particular machines serve a purpose like no other, making them incredibly popular.

    Hover mowers rely on a cushion of air to keep the blades at a reasonable height above the grass, which means they’re not as easily adjustable as a traditional rotary lawnmower. Rather than changing a setting on the machine itself to raise the cutting height, it’s possible to purchase high rise kits for your lawnmower so you can cut taller grass while still maintaining the rule that you shouldn’t cut more than one third of the grass height in one go.

    It’s also possible to buy handlebar extensions so that you can work with the mower further away from your body, or simply work more comfortably if you’re of above average height. This will reduce the risk of strain or of poor posture while you’re working, even on the most steep slopes.

    Hover mower accessories can make your basic mower a more useful and comprehensive piece of machinery capable of coping with a number of tasks. With genuine hover mower accessories available from the Flymo and Toro – two of the biggest names in the field – there is something to suit everyone.