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    If you buy a petrol lawnmower from us, we will send it out with the correct grade of oil to get you started. Lawnmower oils & additives should be changed periodically to make sure it continues to work well, just like your car will need the oil changed from time to time.

    New lawn mower oil is golden or amber in colour, but over time it will darken and become dirty as well as less efficient. Refer to your user manual for information about how often you should check and change the oil in your particular machine to get the most from your engine. This is usually measured by hours of operations rather than months because usage can vary wildly for machines of the same type. Get into a good habit and give the oil a little check every time you plan on starting up your lawnmower – it doesn’t take long and most of the time you won’t have to do anything but you’ll also notice quickly if the oil levels need topping up or changing.

    If you don’t want to drain the petrol from your lawnmower over the winter months, adding a fuel additive is absolutely essential. This will prevent the ethanol present in modern petrol from attracting water which can in turn separate from the fuel causing it to go stale. Additives are designed to prevent this separation, meaning your fuel will last much longer and your mower will be easier to start after winter storage.