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    The future is here. No longer will you need to spend your Sundays snipping grass – simply purchase a machine to carry out the work for you. Robot lawnmowers are a majestic thing. After the initial set up they require very little to no input from the owner; they simply trundle around your lawn snipping their way across the grass and returning to recharge as necessary.

    All robot lawnmowers operate on a similar principle; a boundary wire must be laid by the owner so that the machine can tell where it should and shouldn’t be cutting. This wire will be provided, although for larger or more complex gardens you might find that you haven’t enough to mark out the whole area. If this is the case, or your loop wire has become damaged, you might need to purchase an additional reel. Available in varying lengths to suit different gardens, it won’t be long before your robot mower has taken away all the hard work, so you can sit back and reap the benefits.