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    A lawnmower is only as good as its cutting tools, so it’s important to keep your cutter blades in good working order. A sharpening tool can help maintain and extend the life of your cutter blades, but you will still need to replace them periodically to reap the benefits. How frequently you need to sharpen your cutter blades will depend on the size of your garden and how often you cut your grass; frequent use comes hand in hand with more frequent sharpening.

    If your mower blades pick up any large dents or nicks they will need to be replaced as soon as possible. These imperfections can cause turf stress and prevent the blades of grass from healing quickly. Check mower cutter blades frequently and your grass will thank you. Ensure you purchase a genuine cutter blade replacement from the company that manufactured your machine for optimum performance

    Most lawnmower spare cutter blades are surprisingly simple to remove and sharpen or replace; just see your user manual for instructions. At Lawnmowers Direct we supply a wide range of genuine spare mower cutter blades to suit the machines we sell, because we have found that genuine spare parts are of a better build quality. This means that they will last much better than a cheaper non genuine alternative, giving far better value over the lifetime of the part. Make sure you choose the right spare cutter blade for your particular model and cutting width to guarantee a good fit.