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Petrol engines aren’t known for being the most tidy of objects, and so sometimes it’s necessary to give them a bit of a going over in order to keep the oil where it should be and everything running smoothly. Briggs and Stratton’s Ultracare range consists of a number of products to use when clearing up your engine, and for removing grease and cleaning up the carburettor.

Servicing an engine using a kit is surprisingly simple to achieve, but it’s definitely messy work. Grease is notoriously difficult to remove, especially when you end up with it all over your hands (which is pretty much inevitable if you’re going anywhere near your machine at all). The Ultracare Hand Cleaner is an excellent, skin-friendly product which will remove all sorts of unsavoury products from your skin after you’ve been hard at work in the garden. What would usually take hours of scrubbing is reduced to barely any time at all, and you’ll wonder how you coped without the range.

The Ultracare Dirt Protector is an excellent product which not only helps to keep your machine from a build up of dirt, it also protects against rush which could severely damage metal components. By treating your machine before it becomes ingrained with muck, you’ll find that cleaning off the odd speck is much, much easier.