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Our scythe mowers (also known as sickle bar mowers) are designed to make some of the hardest grass maintenance jobs easier than you may have thought possible. Scythe & sickle bar mowers are robust machines that can tackle thick vegetation and brambles in areas such as a paddock or a meadow, even if they’ve become somewhat overgrown.

Scythe & sickle bar mowers can be used on larger gardens as well as for more agricultural applications and to tackle areas which would be inaccessible to a traditional lawnmower. The wide bars extend past the wheel base, meaning edges and borders can be cut as easily as the rest of your grassed area. Built with the best engines and robust frames to cope with the rigours of rough cutting, these are incredibly resilient and impressive pieces of kit.

Aside from their primary purpose, these machines are often quite adaptable, and can be used with other attachments for mulching, aerating, scarifying and even ploughing snow. A huge benefit of this is that several large pieces of kit can take up a great deal of space, and can be quite tricky to store properly. By owning only one device which can be used for a range of purposes, you’ll not only save on the initial cost of purchase but also on the space you need for your garden machinery. It’s worth remembering that for every petrol machine you will need to take it for a winter service too, and if your tiller, mower and scarifier are all one and the same that’s only one service rather than three!