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Available in sizes to suit the smallest to the largest of lawns, the petrol cylinder lawn mower is the first choice of many serious gardeners. While these mowers may require a little extra maintenance in order to keep the cylinder blade in top condition, caring for machinery is a task that many avid gardeners see as not only rewarding, but also essential if a high-quality cut is to be expected.

Cylinder lawn mowers give a very low, precise cut, whether you are using an entry-level mower for small gardens or one of the bigger, ride-on petrol cylinder mowers for large grass areas.

All petrol cylinder mowers are self-propelled, and will leave perfectly defined stripes on your lawn. And it’s not all about looks — petrol cylinder mowers are also known for keeping grass in top condition, thanks to the scissor-like action of the blade. This produces an extremely clean cut that lessens the chances of disease encroaching into your lawn.