Petrol Rotary Mowers


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The petrol rotary lawnmower is the iconic machine that most of us recognise as a ‘proper’ lawnmower. They are designed to cover a range of grass-cutting tasks rather than specialising in one particular area of lawn-care making them suitable for almost all homeowners. The choice of petrol rotary mowers is vast nowadays, but can loosely be broken down between 4-wheel rotary mowers, and rear-roller rotary mowers. The type which will be best for you will depend both on your garden and on the look you are trying to achieve when you mow.

A four-wheel rotary mower is a highly practical all-rounder, well suited to mixed garden styles with differing types of grass areas. If you need to trim your orchard as well as your formal lawn, a meadow area, and the back garden, a 4-wheel rotary mower will be the perfect choice. These versatile machines are one of the most popular types of lawnmower available, and you are bound to find one which suits you.

Thought cylinder mowers were the only way to get a formally finished lawn? Think again! Rear-roller rotary petrol lawnmowers are capable of leaving a neat finish with a defined stripe on more formal areas such as lawns and front gardens. This enviable traditional look is favoured by many house-proud homeowners, and yet with a rear-roller machine it can be created almost effortlessly. As rotary mowers are slightly more forgiving than cylinder mowers, the look can be achieved even if your turf is in a less than perfect condition. The inset wheels also allow the user to cut right up to edges, giving lawns a neat and tidy finish and removing the need to use a trimmer.

Petrol rotary mowers are available in a variety of functions, from electric start to mulching capabilities. Self propelled machines will glide over grass with very little physical effort, while push mowers can be slightly harder work.