4 Wheel Petrol Rotary Lawnmowers


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The most flexible and multi-purpose of all lawn mower styles, the 4-wheel rotary mower is also the most popular design of lawnmower available. 4 wheel petrol rotary lawnmowers can be found in garden sheds across the UK, and models are available to suit gardens of all shapes, and of all sizes.

Due to the sturdy, stable design, 4 wheel petrol rotary lawnmowers can accommodate grass types ranging from the formal lawn to rough orchard and anything in-between, making them an ideal choice for homeowners with mixed gardens. Designs today range from straightforward cut-and-collect petrol lawnmowers to dedicated mulching mowers that will return grass nutrients back into your lawn. It is even possible to buy hybrid 3-in-1 4 wheel petrol rotary lawnmowers that offer mulching, collection and side-discharge functions in one machine. This can make mowing a little easier as you won’t have to stop to empty the grass bag as you cut.