Push 4 Wheel Petrol Rotary Lawnmowers

Due to a relative simplicity when compared to more specialised machines, push 4 wheel petrol rotary lawnmowers are an excellent choice for gardeners who need a straightforward, no-fuss machine. The lack of features makes the push 4-wheel rotary mower ideal for gardeners with relatively flat areas of ground to cover.

The lack of drive system on these machines means that a little effort is needed to get them moving, but the flipside of this is that less maintenance is needed and fewer running problems will occur in the long-term. Using a push 4 wheel petrol rotary lawnmower is also a good form of free exercise — pushing a lawnmower around for an hour or two each week will improve your fitness in no time!

Push 4 wheel petrol rotary lawnmowers are best suited to small to medium sized gardens, as the largest gardens will need a mower with a self-propelled drive system.