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    Atco’s aptly named Liner lawnmowers are renowned for one thing: producing a high quality finish on ornamental lawns, including a classic stripe effect that will inspire horticultural envy in anyone who passes by.

    They can do this because every Atco Liner lawnmower comes equipped with a heavy rear roller, leaving a crisp stripe as you mow while simultaneously preventing scalping for a cleaner cut. Atco Liner lawnmowers therefore ensure a healthier, more attractive lawn when used for your regular mowing routine.

    Powered via hi-tech Honda and Briggs & Stratton engines, Atco’s Liner rear-roller lawnmowers also boast precision-engineered rotary cutting blades and high-capacity grass collectors, making it easy to tackle demanding lawn maintenance with the minimum of hassle. What’s more, with centralised cutting height adjustment included as standard, it is simple to adapt an Atco Liner mower to the conditions in your garden.

    Every Atco Liner lawnmower is built to exacting standards: tough metal cutting decks ensure protection against bumps and scrapes as you mow, while high-grade components throughout provideexceptional performance and reliability. To underline this dependability, Atco even offers a five-year manufacturer’s warranty with every Liner machine.

    Ranging from compact hand-propelled mowers to premium machines suitable for commercial applications,the Atco Liner series features lawnmowers ideal for gardens of all sizes and users of all types. The Liner 16, for example, offers a cutting width of 41cm (16”) and comes in three versions: the push-type Liner 16 and the self-propelled Liner 16S and 16SH. All of these machines offer superb precision and ease of operation on small to medium domestic lawns.

    At the other end of the scale, we find the Liner 22SA, with its corrosion-resistant aluminium deck and four-speed self-propulsion system. Featuring a 53cm (22”) cutting width and a 65-litre grass catcher, the Liner 22SA will make light work of mowing even large gardens. Add to this the beautiful stripe produced while you work and the Atco Liner 22SA is truly a lawnmower to admire.

    Thus, whether you are a grounds maintenance professional or a proud homeowner, an investment in an Atco Liner rear-roller mower is always an investment in quality.