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    Efco’s Comfort Plus and Allroad rotary lawnmowers are the stuff of which horticultural dreams are made: simultaneously efficient, powerful and user-friendly, these mowers will make routine lawn maintenance reassuringly hassle-free no matter your level of experience.

    Take the Comfort Plus range, for example, which features a variety of four-wheeled lawnmowers perfect for trimming domestic lawns of all sizes. These start out with hand-propelled machines like the Efco LR 44 PB Comfort Plus, which features a 41cm (16”) cutting width to enable effective mowing of areas up to 1000m2. For larger gardens, on the other hand, the self-propelled LR 53 TBX’s 190cc Briggs & Stratton 625 Series engine and 51cm (20”) cutting swathe makes tackling heavy workloads straightforward.

    Regardless of size, all Efco Comfort Plus lawnmowers benefit from smooth-running wheels, ergonomic controls, a precision-engineered mulching blade, a high-capacity grass collector and four-position cutting height adjustment for a guaranteed tidy finish. As an added extra, LR 48 and LR 53 models can also be equipped with an optional mulching plug to enable collection-free mowing which boosts the health of your lawn by recycling clippings as a natural fertiliser!

    Mulching capability is also a feature of Efco’s Allroad Plus and Allroad EXA lawnmowers, all of which offer four cutting modes as standard: collection, mulching, side discharge and rear discharge. Built to be rugged and versatile, Allroad Plus and EXA lawnmowers the same ease of operation and dependability as Efco’s Comfort Plus machines plus a little extra power and adaptability (such as with the LR 53 VBD Allroad Plus, which features variable-speed self-propulsion to provide complete control while you mow).

    A more recent addition to the Efco Allroad range is the Allroad Aluminium series, which feature 4mm gauge die-cast aluminium cutting decks for unbeatable protection against wear, impact damage and corrosion. These machines are therefore happily capable of withstanding the rigors of commercial use, making them ideal for grounds maintenance personnel and landscaping professionals.

    Whichever Efco lawnmower you choose, however, you will be benefitting from decades of industry experience, engineering expertise and horticultural brilliance distilled into a hardworking mowing machine. You can therefore depend upon an Efco Comfort or Allroad lawnmower to deliver years of exceptional service,along with consistently outstanding cutting results.