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    Honda produce several different lawnmower ranges, but one of the best sellers for the home users is the Izy. These popular and well produced machines have a lot going for them. If you have ever wondered why they’re called Izy, it’s all in the pronunciation – think ‘E-Z’. These machines are easy to start, easy to operate and maintain, and easy to store. Easy was stylised as Izy and the famous Honda Izy lawnmowers were born.

    Is Honda Izy Right For Me?

    Honda Izy lawnmowers come in sizes to suit all gardens. Starting at just 29kg, the Izy is Honda’s lightest range of machines. To suit your garden you can select from a range of different cutting widths (16” up to 21”). Choose between push machines for smaller gardens, self-propelled to cope with slopes and rough ground, or variable speed for control. Some Honda Izys feature a selective mulching function so you don’t need to stop and empty the grass collection bag. A commitment to the environment means each lawnmower is fitted with an engine which meets or exceeds strict emissions guidelines. Honda continually updates their products to make sure performance is constantly being improved.

    Why Buy Honda Izy

    Competitively priced and well made, look no further than a Honda Izy lawnmower if you want a lawnmower that will last. All models feature the same steel cutting deck which provides shock resistance and the cataphoresis treatment protects against corrosion and rust. Whether you have a large or smaller garden, or one with obstacles, this range is designed with you in mind. The blades are built to twist rather than break should they come into contact with hidden obstacles, while the ball bearings on the wheels allow for effortless pushing, pulling and turning.

    These mowers are known for their easy use and reliability, but should you have any issues with your machine, we have a Honda Izy troubleshooting guide that can help.