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Grass cutting in the UK using a good mulching lawnmower has become much more popular over recent summers. Several factors are likely to have contributed to this, most notably the environmental benefits from returning grass cuttings back into your lawn. This simultaneously reduces the need to dispose of them via a black bag to your local refuse dump, adding to the positive environmental effects. While grass clippings can be disposed of through your compost heap, you do need to ensure that you mix them in with dryer brown materials such as wood chippings or dead leaves to prevent your pile becoming too damp to compost efficiently. And why compost when your clippings can benefit your lawn immediately with almost no effort at all?! Given this, it’s really no surprise that mulching mowers have become so popular in the last few years.

Of course it should be noted that the environmental impact isn’t the only benefit you’ll find when you use a mulching mower. The fine mulch layer will reduce evaporation from the surface of the soil, giving you a more consistent moisture level. This means that even in the summer months there’s a significantly reduced need to water the lawn. As you won’t be using a grass box when you mulch you also won’t need to stop mowing in order to empty any clippings. For those with particularly large gardens this aspect can be laborious and time consuming, so you’ll find mulching mowers allow you to achieve a much faster cut.

As mulching works best in drier weather, many mulching mowers also offer both mulching and collection functionality, giving you the best of both worlds and allowing you effortless lawn maintenance regardless of the season (or the notorious British summer). Versatility is often the key to a best selling product as it means that you won’t need to purchase two different machines to cope with your lawn in different seasons, saving both on cost and in terms of valuable shed space.

A simple process of holding the grass clippings under the mowing deck until they are finely chopped and then forced back into the turf is what makes mulching machines so effective for homeowners and professionals alike. Be sure to understand how to get the best from your new purchase however, as effective mulching requires a slightly different approach to regular grass cutting techniques.