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    4 in 1 mulching mowers are all-purpose machines designed to accommodate different grass-cutting conditions throughout the season. Machines are supplied with a grass box for collecting clippings, as well as the ability to simply side- or rear-discharge the clippings back onto your lawn as you cut. This feature is particularly useful if you find yourself emptying your grass collection box multiple times during a cut. By mulching you won’t have to empty at all, and you won’t have to find somewhere to put all those clippings. The grass itself will benefit from the added nutrients in the mulch, and you’ll find mowing less of a chore.

    While these mowers certainly offer fantastic flexibility, this does come at a price — no machine is perfect, and the mowing and mulching abilities of 4 in 1 mulching lawn mowers are rarely up to the standard of dedicated tools. For some gardeners, this won’t be a problem, but others may wish to think carefully and prioritise their gardening needs before deciding on a machine.