Rear Roller Petrol Rotary Lawnmowers


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If you like the idea of a striped finish to your lawn, a rear-roller rotary lawnmower is often the best choice. We stock a range of the best rear roller petrol rotary lawnmowers available, designed to suit gardens of any size and certain to deliver that crisp, sharp cut.

Strictly speaking, rear roller petrol rotary lawnmowers are hybrids between the classic cylinder mower and, as the name suggests, a rotary machine. The great advantage of the rotary blade is that your grass does not need to have a perfectly even surface for the mower to work correctly, meaning that you can achieve a classic striped lawn without having to worry unnecessarily about every little blemish on the turf. Another great reason to buy a rotary mower with a rear-roller is its ability to mow along the edge of a border or flowerbed without falling in; the front wheels are inset from the width of the cutting blade and rear-roller, allowing accurate mowing without wobbling on the border edge.