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    As a general rule, push rear roller rotary petrol lawnmowers are confined to the smaller 41cm cutting widths due to the extra weight that a rear roller can bring to the larger machines. However, a small rear roller lawnmower that you propel under your own steam is a very useful tool to have in a small but intricate garden. Easy to push in and out of gaps in-between ornaments and bushes and also very good at mowing along borders and flowerbeds, push rear roller rotary petrol lawnmowers can be indispensable pieces of gardening equipment when used in the correct surroundings.

    Many British lawns are pristinely finished with a crisp stripe. The other benefit of these mowers is that a rear roller lawnmower is how you can achieve this in your own garden. Browse our push rear roller rotary petrol lawnmowers today and become the envy of your neighbours with this iconic finish.