Self Propelled Rear Roller Rotary Petrol Lawnmowers


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    The rotary mower with roller is generally the largest and heaviest of all rotary machines, but if a beautiful striped finish is what you are hoping for, then you won’t be disappointed. Lawn mowers with rollers are capable of leaving very neat, striped finishes on formal lawns and grass areas, thanks to their integrated rear rollers and the extra weight they carry.

    Self-propelled rear roller rotary petrol lawnmowers are often equipped with top-of-the-range engines that allow them to deal with the large areas they cover and the volume of grass they cut. Whether you opt for a petrol or electric rotary lawn mower, powerful motors really are essential when you consider the size and weight of these lawn mowers with rollers.

    To ensure that smooth continuity is achieved whilst mowing, many models of both large and small rear-roller lawnmowers are fitted with variable-speed drive systems. These can be altered to suit both the lawn in question and the operator’s own individual mowing preferences.

    When browsing self-propelled rear roller rotary petrol lawnmowers, gardeners are advised to take the size of their garden into consideration before making a purchase. Some models are best suited to large areas, while others will give a beautiful striped finish to even the smallest of lawns. While self-propelled rear roller rotary mowers are not as light and ergonomic as hover mowers, for example, you will not be disappointed with the finish they produce.