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    Toro provides both the homeowner and professional user with a range of equipment designed to cater for every situation. For a machine that combines durability with superior performance, the Toro 20792 Aluminium Deck Super Recycler Petrol Lawnmower maintains overgrown areas of your garden while leaving a neat and tidy finish.

    The innovative automatic drive system of the Toro 20792 matches your walking pace, cutting the need to try and keep up with your lawnmower. A major perk for the environmentally-conscious gardener is the Toro mulching system chops grass clippings into tiny, easy-to-decompose particles, to be returned into the nutrient cycle of your garden.

    For a hover mower that is perfect for medium-to-large gardens, the Toro 02604 HoverPro 500 features a 160cc Honda engine and can mow slopes up to 45 degrees. This machine offers the lightness and manoeuvrability of a hover mower while benefiting from the mobility of a petrol lawnmower.

    If safety and convenience are your number one priority, the Toro 20958 55cm Steel Deck Recycler BBC Petrol Lawnmower guarantees this at all times, thanks to the Operator Presence Control safety lever used to stop the engine and cutting blade completely, giving you control over the mower at all times.