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    Bosch Robot Mowers are ideal for maintaining your dream lawn. The small robot mower has an in-built mulching system which ensures the grass it cuts is redistributed evenly back onto your lawn in order to keep it fertilised and healthy. The Bosch models come with everything you may need to get started with your new robot lawnmower, including a docking station and perimeter wire.

    Programming your bosch robot mower is easy. On the first run around the garden, the little mower will map out your lawn to plan the smartest route to take in order to mow your lawn. You’ll be impressed with its ability to save time, recommend a cutting schedule, reduced noise and minimal power consumption. With the ability to manoeuvre around objects by itself, and even returns to the charging station when it needs recharging with no need for you to intervene.

    Many Bosch robot mower models, including the Bosch Indego 350 Connect are interactive models, capable of connecting to your iPhone or Android device to allow you to control your robot lawn mower from anywhere. Start, pause, or cancel mowing schedules remotely and monitor your robot mower’s progress while it goes about its job whether you are enjoying the sun at the other end of the garden or thousands of miles away on holiday.