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    Technology is slowly beginning to catch up with our hopes and dreams, and while flying cars may not have been invented yet, an automatic lawnmower allowing you to kick back and enjoy your garden does certainly exist. The Flymo range of robotic lawnmowers is yet another innovative machine to beat their hover mowers, and it’s perfect for those who cannot mow their garden traditionally whether that’s due to limited mobility or another reason.

    The Flymo 1200R robotic lawnmower follows irregular patterns to help avoid obstacles and preserve the surface of your lawn. Suitable for lawns up to 400m², the only set up you need to do is set a mowing schedule using the easy to understand interface and menu system. This hard working little robot has water resistant bodywork, so it can keep mowing in the rain too.

    The Flymo robotic lawnmower features collision sensors to assist with avoiding obstacles, as well as lift and tilt sensors to disable the cutting blades if someone decides to pick it up. The Flymo 1200R can be stopped at any time with an easy to access stop button, and is completely safe and convenient for anyone who requires assistance maintaining their best lawn.