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    Husqvarna aren’t afraid to innovate, with the introduction of the robotic, solar powered Automower in 1995. Since then, the robotic mower range from Husqvarna has gone from strength to strength. These mowers automatically cut the lawn, wheels itself back to the charging station when its batteries need a boost, and can cope with narrow passages.

    Automowers from Husqvarna work in a unique way compared to other robot lawn mowers. Your new automower will work in what appears to be random patterns in order to prevent unattractive tracks forming, leaving your garden with a smooth finish. The panel on your automower is simple and easy to use. You will find features in order to personalise your new robot mower to suit you, change the height of cut, set your PIN, as well as activating the anti-theft alarm.

    Husqvarna’s Automower 450x features a handy weather clock. Intelligently, the robot will cut more frequently when your grass is growing quickly, and during summer or drought periods, it will begin to cut less often. As well as all of this, the Husqvarna automower range is completely weatherproof. Being designed to work in the harsh climate of Scandinavian countries, it will easily be able to handle British weather.