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Leaf blowers and vacuums have become incredibly popular over recent years, with sales continuing to increase. The reason for this is quite simple; come the autumn when trees shed their leaves, owning a leaf blower can save hours of backbreaking work bent over a rake and wheelbarrow. Our range includes both standalone blowers and combination blower-vacuums, both of which make clearing a lawn full of leaves effortless. During the rest of the year, moreover, your leaf blower can be equally useful for clearing pathways of dust and dirt, blowing grass clippings out of driveway gutters and flowerbeds after you’ve mown the lawn, and tidying up around stables and yards.

Oddly enough, however, the leaf blower as we know it today was invented almost by accident. Its forerunners were in fact chemical sprayers introduced to the American market during the 1950s, but manufacturers quickly caught on to the potential appeal of the leaf blower when some users started removing the chemical tanks from sprayers and using their powerful fans to clear leaves and debris. Things have come on a long way since then, of course, and modern leaf blowers and vacuums are specialised machines which utilise the latest in technological innovation to deliver quality results, versatile performance and reassuring user-friendliness every time.

Certain aspects of leaf blower design are important to consider no matter what kind of machine you are buying – especially air speed and flow rates, which will help you to determine the clearance power of the leaf blower you are purchasing – but otherwise the choice you make will depend heavily on your personal requirements. For the vast majority of domestic users and clearance work on small commercial properties a handheld machine will do the job just fine, with many electric (cordless and corded) and petrol models available. These blowers are designed to be light and manoeuvrable for ease of use, with many including a vacuum mode so that you can collect and shred leaves.

Commercial users and those with larger gardens may prefer to invest in something a little more heavy duty, such as one of our backpacks blowers. More powerful than their handheld cousins, these machines feature supportive harnesses which allow you to move freely and work for longer while clearing leaves and debris from extensive areas. Alternative options include the wheeled walk-behind vacuums and blowers that we sell, with machines from industry leading manufacturers such as Billy Goat and Ariens enabling quick clearance of even the largest spaces, and with a variety of accessories also available you can customise your blower/vacuum for just about any job imaginable.

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