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    Normally the reserve of professional grounds maintenance teams and council workforces, but also a practical solution for private users who need to tidy a large property quickly and efficiently, the backpack leaf blower is an extremely powerful tool capable of moving an impressive amount of leaf litter and other debris in next to no time at all. They can do this because they come equipped with powerful two- and four-stroke petrol engines, ranging in capacity from around 25-30cc to more than 75cc on the most heavy duty models. To ensure that the extra power of these machines doesn’t come at the expense of manoeuvrability, however, they also come with supportive harnesses which spread the weight out across you back and shoulders. Backpack blowers are thus ideal for any clearance job which requires both plenty of punch and prolonged periods of use.

    This includes smallholdings, farms, estates, schools, parks and even the largest domestic gardens, all of which require regular tidying. Removing dirt, litter, grass clippings and leaves from such extensive areas manually would be time-consuming and entirely impractical, so the clout and convenience offered by a backpack leaf blower is essential when taking on this kind of work. The harnesses used by backpack leaf blowers are extremely comfortable nowadays, with ergonomic padding and quick-release buckles making them very safe and easy to remove when required. More importantly, however, the support they offer means that you can work with complete freedom even on uneven ground, helping you to get challenging jobs done as quickly and cleanly as possible while staying safe and comfortable at all times.

    Typically the harness-mounted engine will be accompanied by a manoeuvrable blower tube, allowing you to direct the powerful airflow produced with satisfying accuracy. One potential downside of a backpack blower is that these machines do not collect leaves for you like a combination blower-vac or a walk-behind lawn vacuum would, and the sheer volume of leaves they can move means that you might need a large trailer to gather them up once you’re done! Some models can be equipped with vacuum conversion kits, however, while rain gutter kits enable clearance of dead leaves and other debris from gutters while allowing you to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

    All of the above means that the many outstanding backpack leaf blowers in our range are capable of offering a level of convenience and versatility which may surprise some, as well as the impressive pushing power for which these machines are rightly famed. Anyone faced with demanding outdoors clearance work would therefore do well to invest in one of these blowers as soon as is practically possible.