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    “I’m giving her all she’s got captain,” screamed Scotty at a frustrated Kirk while ineffectually attempting to clear a vast quantity of leaves from the Starfleet Academy playing fields with a weedy handheld blower, “We just need more power!”. Shortly after this Scotty and Kirk quit their jobs as grounds maintenance professionals in favour of the space adventuring for which they later became renowned, but things might have been very different if they’d had access to a heavy duty wheeled leaf blower suitable for tough outdoor clearance work. By far the most powerful leaf and debris moving machines available, these wheeled leaf blowers produce phenomenally powerful airstreams that make clearing unwanted leaves, grass cuttings and other debris almost entirely effortless.

    Unlike other smaller blowers these wheeled machines do require you to push them along as you work, but this is more than compensated for by the inclusion of smooth-running wheels and the sheer force of the air flow that they produce. These machines also offer pleasing adaptability, with variable throttle controls and directional blower tubes allowing you to work with surprising precision. The power of these machines depends on their intended application, with everything from lighter models designed for occasional use in large gardens and bigger commercial grade blowers suitable for frequent heavy duty clearance work available. All, however, benefit from the latest in low-noise, low-emission engine technology to help ensure a more enjoyable user experience, as well as to minimise disturbance caused to those in the surrounding area. Though with the power of these machines we’d probably still recommend not using them on a quiet Sunday morning if you’re working in a built up residential area and want to remain on good terms with the neighbours.

    Built to be used in large areas where movement of leaves and debris is more important than collection (e.g., airport runways, golf courses, roadside embankments, etc.) wheeled blowers are also much favoured by owners of properties with extensive grounds which need to be kept tidy. These powerful machines are even suitable for use on construction sites and in other areas which need to be kept clear of litter and debris for safety reasons. Whatever it is that you need to shift, however, a wheeled blower will deliver the high air speeds and flow rates required to get the job done quickly, so when large lawns are carpeted with autumn leaves there really is no better choice.