Billy Goat Vacuum Accessories

Shop the full range of Billy Goat vacuum accessories here. Lawnmowers Direct is a leading stockist of Billy Goat products. We have every accessory compatible with Billy Goat leaf blowers and vacuums, including collection bags, shredder attachments and replacement leaf blower hoses.


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    Billy Goat’s wheeled vacuums are hard working leaf vacuums designed to quickly and effectively clear leaves, litter and other debris from lawns and other outdoor areas, making them a much more practical investment for anyone with more foliage than trolls in their garden. 

    To help you get the most from your Billy Goat vacuum, we stock a range of accessories designed to extend the range of applications for which these exceptional machines can be used, along with various items designed to prevent wear and tear on vulnerable components.

    From replacement turf bags to caster wheels, nozzle wear plates, leaf shredding screens and on-board hose kits, there are Billy Goat vacuum accessories for every eventuality. 

    The best equipment for your needs will therefore depend on the work you are currently doing. The replacement turf bags, for example, come in two varieties for optimal performance on different surfaces; the felt collector is designed to filter out dust, making it ideal for working on hard surfaces during hot weather, while the turf bag optimises air flow to prevent clogging when vacuuming wet leaves and grass clippings. We also sell Billy Goat’s dust skirts, liners and debris bag socks, all of which help to control dust and ensure operator comfort when working in hostile environments.

    Other performance-boosting accessories in the Billy Goat range include shredder screens which boost collection performance by reducing the volume of collected leaves by a ratio of twelve to one, along with a variety of caster kits to help ensure maximum manoeuvrability and a tighter turning circle when working on hard surfaces. Even better are the on-board hose kits, which come with high capacity hoses and nozzles perfect for clearing leaves and other debris from areas normally inaccessible to a wheeled vacuum. 

    When taking on frequent extensive clearance tasks, meanwhile, you may want to augment your Billy Goat vacuum with accessories designed to boost your machine’s durability, thereby ensuring that wear and tear doesn’t affect its long term performance. The nozzle wear plates, for example, provide resistance to the various knocks, bumps and scrapes inevitably incurred when working on hard surfaces such as driveways, pavements and forecourts, while a protective cover is available to keep your machine safe while not in use. The Billy Goat accessory range thus increases the versatility and reliability of your Billy Goat wheeled vacuum, helping to ensure satisfaction for professional and home users alike.

    For more information about our range of Billy Goat leaf blower accessories, get in touch with a member of our team today.