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    Industrial wheeled leaf vacuums are pretty much the ultimate in outdoor maintenance machines, offering an effective way of clearing leaves, grass clippings, dust, litter and other debris (including bulkier objects like cans, plastic bottles and pine cones on the case of the more muscular machines available). Wheeled vacuums are thus ideal for keeping a wide variety of settings neat and tidy, ranging from domestic gardens to extensive parks and industrial estates, with machines available for amateur home users and experienced grounds maintenance professionals alike.

    What all wheeled leaf vacuums have in common is powerful four-stroke engines, which enable quick and efficient clearance of dispensing with large volumes of leaves and litter. Domestic models include everything from compact machines designed for tidying smaller gardens, patios and pool areas to powerful self-propelled vacuums ideal for saving time and effort when tidying large, undulating lawns. These user-friendly vacuums are capable of working on both lawns and hard surfaces, allowing you to clean and collect leaves from every corner of your property so that everything is kept looking great all year round.

    The larger commercial wheeled vacuums do not differ from their domestic cousins in any fundamental respect; they are still hardworking machines which produce a powerful suction effect to gather leaves in a large collector. The difference is that these machines have bigger engines and collectors for optimised performance, enabling commercial landscapers or maintenance personnel working on large campuses to clear up immense quantities of litter on a daily basis. This is especially helpful during the autumn, when sudden leaf falls can leave even the largest lawns carpeted overnight, while many models also feature shredding functionality to maximise collection capacity.

    Here at Lawnmowers Direct we’re proud to stock an extensive range of wheeled vacuums produced by Billy Goat. Widely recognised as an industry leader with over forty years of experience in the clearance business, Billy Goat’s wheeled vacuums have been proven to deliver outstanding results in even the toughest conditions. This makes them perfect for even the most challenging commercial clearance work, though with a number of domestic machines also available – such as the popular and adorably compact Little Billy – there are also plenty of options for homeowners seeking a quick and effective way of tidying the garden! And with the other machines in our range manufactured by equally well respected players in the industry, including Ariens and McCulloch, you can therefore rest assured of quality and satisfaction when investing in any of our wheeled leaf vacuums.