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    While Flymo are a company best known for their hover movers, they also produce an excellent range of other machinery, including garden vacuums which have fast become one of the UK’s most used domestic leaf blowers.

    An electric handheld blower & vacuum which provides a superb balance between power, versatility and user convenience, the Flymo GardenVac 2700 Electric Garden Vacuum makes it easier than ever to keep your garden immaculately tidy all year round.

    The GardenVac 2700 is designed for home use and is powered by a quiet and clean running electric motor which allows to user to work in comfort at all times, and achieve great results without disturbing the neighbours.

    A superb handheld electric vacuum perfect for clearing leaves from lawns and hard surfaces, the Flymo Scirocco 3000 Electric Garden Vacuum is perfect for urban, residential or built up areas where petrol machinery would be too noisy.

    The Scirocco 3000 has two modes, blower and vacuum, which work best when used together to blow the leaves into a single pile before you switch to vacuum mode to collect them all in one go. Leaves are also shredded as you work, and gathered in the 45 litre collection bag.

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