Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuums

Browse our range of quality cordless leaf blowers. They provide great freedom of movement and come with a host of benefits including being lightweight, affordable, quiet and easy to use. At Lawnmowers Direct, we carry the finest cordless leaf blowers by the finest manufacturers, including Bosch, Honda and Stihl.


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Cordless leaf vacuums (also known as cordless leaf blowers) pull off quite an impressive balancing act. They offer the convenience and simplicity of an electric blower alongside the portability of a petrol blower. This is due to their lithium-ion batteries, which provide excellent levels of performance and ensure cordless leaf vacuums can operate cleanly and quietly without being connected to a power outlet. As such, these machines are perfect for use in large, leafy gardens or for clearing out summer houses, garden sheds or similar areas where an immediate power supply is not close by.

While cordless leaf vacuums may not be the ideal choice for the professional landscaper or busy contractor (since they cannot keep up with most commercial grade petrol blowers or industrial leaf vacuums), they are ideal for home gardeners and are capable of achieving impressively high air speeds and flow rates. They can easily shift leaves, dirt, clutter and detritus in no time. And due to their lightweight design, they can be used above shoulder height (which isn’t something we recommend trying with heavier petrol blowers) to clear dead leaves and muck from gutters and other difficult-to-reach areas. 

An additional advantage of cordless leaf vacuums is that they are much simpler and less expensive to maintain than a petrol blower (as you won’t have to deal with the hassle of fuel mixing or replacing spark plugs). They are also significantly easier to get started. And since they are not tied to a power outlet, you can use them to work in areas inaccessible to corded machines, thereby eliminating the need for extension cords in larger gardens, which is particularly useful if your garden abounds with trees, ornaments and other obstacles around which cables might become tangled. 

Factors to consider when investing in one of our cordless leaf blowers include those typical to all blower vacuums (such as maximum air speeds, nozzle options and ease of operation). But you should also make sure to check out battery life and charge times with these machines to ensure they will meet your particular requirements.

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