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By far the most recognisable form of garden leaf blower is the compact handheld blower often seen in the hands of homeowners, grounds workers and landscapers during the autumn months. This is when the country’s trees collectively decide to shed their leaves, filling up gardens, car parks and pavements with worrying rapidity. With a handheld blower this shouldn’t pose a problem, however, as these machines allow you to quickly tidy up errant foliage and achieve an immaculately tidy finish every time. Designed to be extremely easy to use and lightweight enough for comfort during prolonged periods of operation, investing in a handheld leaf blower is a great way of saving time and effort when clearing leaves, dirt and debris from the garden.

The most basic models in our range are standalone leaf blowers with no leaf-collecting functionality, which nevertheless offer a reliable, no-nonsense alternative to manual clearance work. However, we also sell dual function blower vacs with mesh collection bags so that you can gather leaves as you work; these machines often have a small blade attached to the impeller unit to shred leaves as they are vacuumed, increasing the collection capacity of your machine while producing a fine mulch which is ideal for composting! This ensures a pleasing level of versatility not often associated with leaf blowers.

Another important consideration when investing in a leaf blower is the power source, with electrical and petrol powered machines both commonly available. Electric leaf blowers can be further subdivided into two categories; corded and cordless. Corded machines have the advantage of being easy to use as you can simply plug them in and go, though they are only really suitable for use in smaller gardens due to requiring access to a power outlet. Cordless machines, meanwhile, offer the same clean running and powerful performance as corded machines but with added portability, though the run time available from their rechargeable batteries means that they may struggle with heavier workloads.

For the ultimate combination of power and freedom of movement, however, there really is nothing better than a traditional petrol power blower. Anyone with a large garden or commercial property will want one of these machines for their clearance needs, especially if the area in question is abounding with trees or other leafy plants. Potent, manoeuvrable and increasingly user-friendly, these machines represent the most effective way of clearing dirt, debris, leaves and just about anything else not nailed down from a variety of outside.

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