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    Honda leaf blowers are designed to ensure hassle-free operation and offer the user an ergonomic, lightweight and easy to handle machine. As always, Honda has built these leaf blowers to their incredible standards, using the best components and latest technology.

    The Honda HHB 25 E Petrol Leaf Blower is a compact petrol machine, ideal for clearing leaves and other loose debris. Honda has produced this machine with a ground-breaking mini four-stroke engine which allows the user to enjoy all the power of a two-stroke engine with the reduced noise and emissions of a four-stroke.

    The HHB 25 E performs to professional levels. This leaf blower offers greater convenience, increased fuel efficiency and reduced service requirements compared to the equivalent two-stroke blower.

    For a quieter, more compact and lightweight tool, the Honda HHBE81 BE Cordless Leaf Blower produces a powerful stream of air capable of shifting wet or heavy debris. This blower can be used to clear paths, lawns, patios and driveways in no time. You can also pair it with your Bosch Hedgetrimmer, and make tidying up easier.

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