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Shop the full collection of leaf blower accessories available to buy at Lawnmowers Direct, here. We stock leaf blower and leaf vacuum accessories for all the leading brands, including Stihl, Flymo, Honda and Husqvarna.


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    You might think that the capabilities of a leaf blower are pretty well summarised in the name “leaf blower”; i.e., blowing leaves around, ideally so that they can be disposed of later on. But the modern leaf blower is a more subtle beast than the simple machines of the past and many can now be augmented – through the addition of leaf blower accessories – to extend their range of application far beyond what you might expect.

    Take leaf collection, for example. In its basic form a leaf blower is undeniably a great tool for moving leaves from one place to another, but without collection capabilities you may still have to deal with the hassle of gathering up leaves manually once you have finished with your blower. To save yourself this arduous task, however, it is possible to equip your blower with one of the vacuum kits which are now available for many of today’s handheld machines. These are easy to attach and generally comprised of a suction funnel and collection bag with a shoulder strap, which together enable quick vacuuming and collection of leaves, grass clippings and other light debris. Collected material can then be quickly and efficiently disposed of without requiring a wheelbarrow, saving significant time and effort during the autumn months when lawns can quickly become carpeted in fallen leaves.

    Another particularly useful set of leaf blower accessories (especially if your house is situated close to trees and you suffer from blocked gutters as a result) are the gutter clearance attachments available for some blowers. These extended blower tubes attach to your leaf blower and feature a curved section at the nozzle end to enable quick clearance of built up detritus from your gutters without the need to climb a ladder or for holding cumbersome equipment above shoulder height for prolonged periods. This makes cleaning gutters safer, simpler and less strenuous, allowing you to simply blast dried leaves and other debris while keeping both feet planted firmly on the ground.

    Perfect for professionals and homeowners alike, these vacuum and gutter kits demonstrate that, with the right accessories to hand, leaf blowers can offer a level of versatility belied by the simplicity of their design. And as our range of leaf blower accessories includes equipment for machines made by some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Husqvarna, ECHO and Efco, you can therefore rest assured of quality and long-lasting performance whichever attachments you choose.

    For more information about our range of leaf blower accessories, get in touch with a member of our team today.