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Some date the history of gardening way back to c. 9,000 BCE, when Neolithic humans first began cultivating crops with tools available made from sticks, stone and bone. Others say that gardening only really got going with the Sumerians’ splendiferous ornamental gardens, while the earliest archaeological evidence of horticultural activity comes from Ancient Egypt and dates back to around 2,000 BC. By this point gardeners had at least progressed to using tools with handles and metal blades, some of which would still be recognisable today. Over the millennia which have passed since the Ancient Egyptians hung up their primitive hoes and sickles, however, the human species has proved prolific when it comes to gardening and devised a specific horticultural tool for almost every task imaginable. If you need to split logs, for example, you can put down your axe and invest instead in a powered log splitter, while if you want to cultivate your vegetable garden within minimal effort then you can replace your spade with a tiller or rotovator. Turf care and lawn maintenance these days are accomplished using powered scarifiers and aerators, dispensing with the need for lawn rakes and forks, and the largest gardens can even accommodate complete lawn care systems designed to be towed behind garden tractors and ride-on mowers.

Pressurised garden sprayers, meanwhile, have taken over where the watering can used to reign supreme and lawn spreaders have dispensed with the need to manually scatter seed and fertiliser. High performance pressure washers are now similarly widespread and used for cleaning patios, caravans and cars across the world, thereby hastening the retirement of the scrubbing brush. Treading on the toes of an even greater variety of horticultural implements are the increasingly familiar multi-tool systems made by some manufacturers, which are specifically designed to fulfil the function of enough equipment to fill the average garden shed (although traditional garden tools are still favoured by the die-hard gardener).

Whatever the job that needs doing in your garden there is therefore almost certainly a tool available to make your life that little bit simpler, with everything from the humblest trowel to the most hi-tech horticultural gadgets having an important place in the garden tool panoply. And here at Lawnmowers Direct you can also rest assured of quality, with our extensive range of tools made by some of the world’s most respected and admired manufacturers; all you have to do is identify the best tool for you and your garden, but if you need any advice to make sure you have made the right choice then please feel free to contact our sales team.