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Despite the variety of names applied to these machines, cultivators, rotovators and tillers are all basically the same thing; earth turning machines of varying sizes equipped with rotating metal tines and powered by a petrol engine. The differences between the tillers, cultivators and rotovators you see advertised will typically depend on the size of the machine and the manufacturer, but what they all have in common is that they make digging and soil cultivation nigh on effortless, saving significant time and effort compared to manual methods.

These powerful machines can therefore save hours of backbreaking work with a spade in hand, with different tillers and cultivators used to produce a different end results. With a heavy-duty cultivator, for example, it is possible to break into virgin ground and start the transformation of otherwise neglected or unused terrain into a vegetable garden or a fine lawn. At the other end of the scale we find mini-tillers, which are typically used to prepare small areas of vegetable garden for seeding or, if applicable, to quickly remove weeds from between existing rows of crops. In between these two extremes you will find a variety of versatile machines suitable for a range of soil cultivation work on allotments, farms and in domestic gardens.

The machines we stock here at Lawnmower’s Direct run the full gamut, including everything from compact tillers perfect for domestic gardens to commercial grade cultivators designed for continuous heavy duty use. As a general rule of thumb these larger machines are designed for professionals, but plenty of our mid-range tillers are ideal for use on smallholdings or as a shared machine for an allotment society.

When buying one of the larger rear-tine tillers, meanwhile, it is worth considering whether it is adaptable to other jobs as many machines are compatible with accessories such as mowing decks or snow blowers, along with ploughs, ridgers and other soil cultivation equipment, thereby increasing their range of application significantly. Thanks to this additional versatility there is therefore pretty much a cultivator, rotovator or tiller for every gardening task you can imagine. And with machines available from some of the world’s most respected manufacturers – including Bertolini, a company known for producing some of the finest and most versatile rotary cultivators in the business – there is assuredly a tiller perfect for you somewhere in our range; just give our sales team a call or an e-mail if you need advice!