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Cultivators, tillers and rotovators are sometimes considered one-trick ponies, useful only for turning soil during the spring and autumn months. This, however, is far from the truth and any manufacturer of high quality rotary tillers and cultivators will also offer a variety of accessories to transform your tiller into a year-round utility tool capable of fulfilling a range of duties around gardens and allotments. This means that your tiller has the potential to achieve things you may previously have thought impossible and luckily for you Lawnmowers Direct is here to help, with a variety of cultivator & tiller attachments designed to maximise the versatility of your machine.

The most basic accessories amidst the multitude of cultivator & tiller attachments available these days are probably alternative tine sets. These fit in place of the standard cultivation equipment on your tiller to ensure optimal results in specific soil conditions. The simplicity of this shouldn’t lead you to underestimate the value of having an alternative set of tines to hand, however; by simply swapping out the cultivation equipment you can convert a machine designed for breaking and loosening compacted soil into something perfect for working soft or previously turned soil in preparation for seeding, thereby instantly doubling the application of your tiller.

Other specialised tines are also available, such as weeding tools for working between narrowly planted rows of crops, ridgers for creating furrows and potato lifters for harvesting tubers. Tine extension sets, meanwhile, allow you to quickly increase the working width of your machine when taking on more extensive plots of ground.

Here we already see how a couple of additional tiller accessories can go a long way to ensuring that you get the most from your initial investment when purchasing a rotary cultivator, so it is even worth checking the attachments available for a machine before deciding which tiller is best suited to your specific requirements. Those with luscious green grass, for example, may appreciate being able to use the power of their garden cultivator for a variety of lawn care applications, with attachments available for tasks including edging borders, scarifying, aerating and de-thatching lawns. Some machines can even be used with a powered brush attachment, so there is nothing stopping you from using your tiller to clear up loose leaves and grass cuttings when it isn’t busy digging. And with cultivator & tiller attachments in our range made by world-class manufacturers like Husqvarna and Efco, you can therefore rest assured that your tiller is more than “just” a tiller; all you need to do is decide how to equip your machine for the particular job at hand!.