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    Versatility is an underrated virtue, but if you have ever used one of Honda’s powerful rotary cultivators you will know the true value of a machine which can be quickly and easily adapted for all sorts of horticultural and agricultural tasks. Key to this flexibility is the range of quality Honda tiller attachments & accessories available for Honda tillers. Honda tiller attachments & accessories provide a quick and convenient way of equipping your machine for a variety of soil cultivation and lawn care applications.

    Unlike some competing manufacturers, Honda even produces accessories for its compact mini-tillers. The accessories offer exceptional value for money to dedicated home gardeners by giving them the chance to use the power of their rotary cultivator throughout the year. With the addition of a set of specialised digging tines, you can transform your plucky little tiller into a machine capable of loosening compacted soil and breaking down heavy clumps of earth into a fine tilth perfect for planting.

    Once your flowerbeds and vegetable patches have been given a thorough going over you can also equip your Honda mini-tiller with a number of lawn care accessories, including aerators, de-thatchers and border edging tools. Appropriately equipped your tiller will help to make sure that every inch of your garden looks its best.

    Equally impressive is the variety of accessories available for use with Honda’s commercial grade tillers, allowing professional users to equip their machine for whatever the circumstances at hand might be. When tackling large areas of compacted or virgin soil, Honda’s superb F510 and F720 tillers can be equipped with heavy duty slasher rotors specifically designed for efficient tilling in tough conditions. With a basic set of rotors and extensions available for each machine (providing a maximum working width of up to 90cm) it is easy to tailor your machine for working in almost any area, while the availability of optional crop protection discs mean that you can even use the F510 for tilling nearby or between existing rows of crops.

    Additional Honda tiller attachments & accessories for Honda’s commercial machines include ridgers, potato lifters, five-tine tillers, rear rotary cultivators and even a reversible plough attachment, all of which are hardwearing and easy to fit so that even challenging soil cultivation work is made immeasurably simpler. Thus, regardless of whether you are a proud amateur or a hardworking professional, with a few well chosen attachments you can ensure that you get the very most out of your Honda cultivator.