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    The biggest and heaviest of all cultivators, the rear-tine tiller is designed to deal with the most demanding cultivation tasks, including everything from market garden maintenance to the preparation of large areas of virgin ground for seeding. This makes rear-tine tillers particularly suited to commercial soil cultivation work, especially as having the digging tines situated behind the engine gives the operator ultimate control over the job at hand and thus ensures professional quality results every time.

    The principle advantage of such rear tine tillers and cultivators is their sheer size and power, with the larger working widths and hardworking four-stroke engines of rear-tine tillers making light work of turning compacted soil and breaking even the toughest ground. Accordingly these machines are also built to prosper even in challenging environments, with features such as high-grip all-terrain tyres and dedicated heavy duty digging tines common across our range. On some machines it is also possible to reverse the digging tine rotation; this produces a fine tilth suitable for sowing seeds, so once you have broken hard ground you can immediately set about achieving the perfect growing conditions for grass, vegetables and other plants. As such, a high quality rear-tine tiller can be used to transform barren wasteland into a potential Eden-in-waiting almost single-handedly (figuratively speaking, at least, as generally you’ll want to keep both hands firmly in place when using these powerful machines).

    Many rear-tine tillers and cultivators are also compatible with a number of interchangeable accessories for added versatility, such as grass cutting decks, powered brushes, ploughs and flail mowers, effectively turning your tiller into an all-round grounds maintenance machine. Particularly notable in this respect are Bertolini’s fine two-wheeled tractors, which offer a level of performance and a range of applications with which few other machines can hope to compete. This is because Bertolini’s machines feature a clever QuickFit coupling system and handlebars which can be reversed 180° depending on the currently attached accessory, allowing you to switch from using cultivation equipment to a scythe mower unit or a snow blower with reassuringly little fuss. Moreover, with the addition of an optional tow bar attachment (fitted as standard on some models) Bertolini’s two-wheeled tractors can also be used to tow a trailer or plough, further improving their flexibility (an invaluable attribute for any hardworking grounds maintenance professional).

    These machines are therefore ideal for anyone seeking an effective way of taking the backbreaking labour out of extensive soil cultivation work, while also offering the power and performance to be adapted to a range of additional landscaping activities. Grounds maintenance professionals and commercial landscaping contractors thus need ask themselves only one thing: Can you really afford to go without one?