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    Garden sprayers are an incredibly useful tool to have around the garden, especially if you’re trying to cultivate fruit or vegetables. Whether you’re working in a large field, or more intensively in a greenhouse you will find that a garden sprayer is a very useful thing indeed. In fact, gardeners and ground care professionals alike will use garden sprayers frequently in order to suppress weed growth, encourage crops, and to fight infestations of all sorts of unwanted nasty insects. The application of fertiliser can be achieved reasonably successfully without a sprayer, but these tools speed up the process and offer a much more even coverage, giving better results more quickly. As a result you will save time and effort as well as prevent wastage of what are sometimes quite costly treatments.

    Like most garden tools, there are a range of garden sprayer accessories and attachments to enhance the experience of using these useful pieces of kit. A telescopic lance can be particularly useful for those working with fruit trees, as often these will be out of reach of the standard lance.  Spray shields can be used to concentrate the stream of spray and prevent your treatment ending up somewhere it is neither wanted nor needed. Simply attach to your lance and cover the area you wish to fertiliser before beginning to spray.

    Whichever garden sprayer accessory you chose, you won’t be disappointed; the accessories are produced with the same high build quality of the sprayers themselves.