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High quality garden tools are hard to find these days, with the vast majority of products available of inferior construction and not always up to the task for which they are intended. So whether it is a set of hedge shears, tree loppers or secateurs that you require, you first need to know that they will perform properly; not simply for your own benefit, but also for the health of your plants as clean-cutting tools reduce the risk of infection and disease. Our ever-increasing range of hand-held garden tools, however, is sourced from select manufacturers to ensure that whatever product you choose it will provide many years of trouble-free use in your garden.

The manufacturers we trust to produce high quality horticultural tools include some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Bosch, Wolf-Garten and Wilkinson Sword. These companies are world renowned for developing and manufacturing class-leading equipment, so you can rest assured that the tools they produce will meet your requirements. This includes Wolf-Garten’s clever Multi-Change® collection, which allows you to mix and match between a range of lightweight handles and practical tool heads for brilliant convenience throughout the garden.

With all of this and more at your fingertips our range of garden tools therefore has something to suit every possible situation. So browse away and please feel free to contact our team if there is anything more you need to know!