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    Where would we be without the humble garden fork? They have so many uses about the garden, from digging organic matter into vegetable plots to unearthing new potatoes, and can even be used in place of a pitchfork when storming the castle of a malevolent scientist whose nightmare creature has been attacking your village (flaming torches sold separately). Despite all of this, however, we typically pay little attention to the quality of what we are buying or the best style of fork for a particular job.

    The standard style is the easily recognised digging fork, which typically features a long, sturdy handle and a metal head with four strong tines designed for loosening, lifting and turning over soil. Functioning similarly to a spade, the primary advantage of a gardening fork is that it penetrates the ground more easily, so can be used to dig even dense clay without requiring superhuman feats of strength. Lighter work such as weeding or working between rows of crops, meanwhile, is best achieved with a smaller border fork and a specially designed potato fork is worth its weight in gold thanks to featuring rounded tine tips which prevent the accidental lancing of prized vegetables. Each of these implements will therefore make otherwise challenging gardening jobs much simpler, so the dedicated gardener would do well to have all of them as part of his or her horticultural armoury!

    Furthermore, although the design of the garden fork has remained fairly consistent over the past several decades, the best quality tools are now made using lightweight but high-strength materials such as carbon steel, aluminium or stainless steel. This means that the tools we sell are easier to handle and more durable, which is particularly vital for professional users who need a tool capable of working the soil day-in, day-out. Handle design has similarly benefited from the advent of modern composite materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, with many manufacturers now offering a variety of ergonomic styles to relieve wrist strain and discomfort (try out Radius Garden’s clever “O”-shaped handles if you want to see the effect this can have).

    The garden fork, then, is one of those rare tools which have stayed reassuringly familiar across the years whilst also constantly improving in terms of longevity, ease of use and performance. And with a variety of forks of all shapes and sizes available from some of the world’s leading manufacturers (including Radius Garden, Wilkinson Sword and Bulldog Tools) there is bound to be something in our range perfect for your needs.