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    Anyone who has ever watched an episode of Tom and Jerry will be familiar with the slapstick trope of accidentally stepping on the head of a rake only for the handle to come flying towards the unsuspecting victim’s face (funny in cartoons, but probably best avoided in real life). This well-travelled joke has even given rise to the Russian saying “to trip twice on the same rake”, meaning “to repeat the same silly mistake”. Purchasing one of the many and various garden rakes we sell at Lawnmowers Direct, however, could never be considered a mistake as all of our tools are picked for their quality and durability, with products available from world-class manufacturers such as Wilkinson Sword, Bulldog Tools and RadiusGarden.

    A horticultural staple for centuries now, the humble garden rake remains one of the most familiar tools around and can be found in virtually every garden shed across the entire United Kingdom. Garden rakes can be used for a variety of tasks too, making them without doubt one of the most versatile implements we have at our disposal. There are, accordingly, many different designs on the market, so it is important to do a little research before making a purchase.

    The most common of all garden rakes is the leaf or lawn rake. As the name suggests, these are used for raking up large quantities of fallen leaves during the autumn months. The tines on these rakes can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from stainless steel for outstanding longevity and durability to plastic and bamboo if you need something which will be gentler to the surface upon which you are raking. Spring-tine rakes can also used to remove thatch from small areas of lawn, scraping out the built up dead grass and detritus that accumulates during the year to allow the grass to breathe.

    Another common style of rake is the bow or soil rake. Heavier and sturdier than most leaf rakes, bow rakes are typically used to even out vegetable patches and remove large stones in preparation for sowing seed. Made with widely spaced, unbending teeth perfect for spreading soil, sand and gravel, bow rakes can also be used for jobs which are too demanding for your typical leaf rake, such as gathering sticks and stones.

    Given this versatility and practicality, it is therefore definitely worth investing in a garden rake which is easy to use and durable enough to ensure many years of reliable service. And whatever the size of your garden, whether you are a casual home gardener or a busy professional landscaper, there is bound to be something in our range perfect for your specific requirements.