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    Essential for keeping woody vegetation in top condition, loppers and pruning shears are a vital part of every serious gardener’s tool set. It is particularly important to be properly forearmed if you have fruit trees and ornamental shrubs in your garden, as these need regular trimming and shaping to keep them healthy. Pruning of this kind is most important when trimming back dead or dying parts of the plant, which also helps prevent the spread of disease. As well as keeping the trees and bushes in your garden healthy and attractive, however, strategic pruning can also be used to control or direct new growth and to boost fruit yield, so there are many reasons for owning a high quality pair of loppers or pruners.

    Nevertheless, there are a lot of different loppers & pruners available, and here at Lawnmowers Direct we appreciate that this can be a little baffling for the casual gardener who is simply looking for something with which to tame an errant Buddleia. Luckily we have a wide range of loppers available from renowned manufacturers such as Wilkinson Sword, Bulldog Tools and Wolf-Garten, all of which utilise state-of-the-art cutting technology to produce tools capable of trimming back even the woodiest vegetation with ease.

    One important factor to consider before making a purchase is the style of lopper most suitable for your needs. There are two main kinds of lopper, both of which offer distinct advantages for particular applications. Bypass loppers have a scissor-like action that delivers a precise and clean cut which will heal more quickly and encourage vigorous growth, making them most suitable for use on live wood. Anvil loppers, meanwhile, have one sharp blade that cuts against a flat blade with a crushing action which provides extra cutting power when pruning tough, fibrous branches. This makes anvil loppers ideal for use on dead wood or for trimming back live wood before making a final, clean cut with bypass loppers.

    Another vital consideration is to pick a tool suitable for the environment in which you are working. Pruning shears, for example, are light and manoeuvrable enough to be held in one hand, making them perfect for lighter trimming or for tidying up once you have taken care of the major pruning work. Pruning tall shrubs and out-of-reach tree branches, meanwhile, may necessitate use of loppers with telescopic handles or even a dedicated telescopic tree pruner, both of which allow you to tackle tricky pruning work at a height while keeping your feet planted safely on the ground. But with of all these tools and more available in our range, you can rest assured of finding something perfect for your specific requirements.