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    Using a good old-fashioned pair of hedge shears is the traditional way of cutting hedges and still the preferred method for many gardeners, particularly those shaping their shrubs or practicing topiary. Hedge shears are now available in many different styles, including with telescopic handles for those with particularly lofty hedgerows, yet their primary function remains the same; to provide a clean and precise cut with every stroke, ensuring that your hedges look good, grow healthily and have less chance of becoming infected with disease. The precise pair of garden scissors to suit your needs, however, will depend on what it is that you’re trimming.

    The basic design for hedge shears, with two long, straight blades and sturdy handles to match (somewhat like an overgrown pair of scissors) has remained the same for years, but modern cutting technology and ergonomic design principles have combined to making keeping your hedges trimmed easier and more convenient than ever. The long blades on a pair of hedge shears allow you to cut are a much larger area with each stroke than is possible with most other pruning tools, creating long, straight edges on your plant which are ideal for formal hedgerows. These same long blades are also pretty handy for efficiently cutting back perennials or deadheading fast-growing, soft plants.

    When a little more subtlety is required, however, a pair of hand shears (sometimes know as garden scissors) will prove a practical solution. Designed to be used in one hand, these smaller shears are perfect for tidying small herb gardens, flowerbeds and other areas where precision is indispensable. Grass and border shears, moreover, can be used neaten unruly parts of your lawn after mowing. Hand-held grass shears, for example, are invaluable for tidying alongside walls and fences, as well as between flowerpots and ornaments, while long-handled edging shears allow you to achieve a clean border on flowerbeds and lawn edges from a comfortable standing position.

    All of the garden scissors mentioned above have an important part to play in maintaining an immaculately finished garden, so there is almost certainly a pair of shears out there perfect for your specific requirements. And with our range including products from world renowned manufacturers such as Wilkinson Sword, Bulldog Tools and Wolf-Garten, all of which pride themselves on the quality and durability of their tools, you can rest assured of many years of happy trimming no matter whether you are working on a tiny bonsai tree or creating a gargantuan topiary masterpiece.