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    The Wolf-Garten Multi-Change® Tool System is without doubt the best of its kind available, offering gardeners a unique opportunity to tailor their garden tool system to suit their precise requirements. The Multi-Change® concept is simply to allow you to choose a handle that best suits your height or gardening style and then select the correct tool head for the particular task at hand. To say that this offers outstanding versatility is an understatement; there are currently fourteen handles from which to choose and over sixty tool heads available, which equates to more than 840 potential combinations, thereby ensuring maximum flexibility, quality and ease of use.

    The starting point for any Multi-Change® Tool System is, of course, the handle. The handles available in our range include everything from short hand-tool grips to long shafts of up to 170cm and even a number of telescopic shafts that extend to a maximum of 400cm. The smaller handles are ideal for use with attachments such as hand saws, trowels and rockery tools, allowing you to get up close and personal with the plants in your garden when the situation requires such intimacy, while the longer handles allow you to use any tool head from a comfortable standing position and thus reduce the risk of back injury.

    All of the handles are designed for exceptional user convenience too, with a quick-connect system allowing you to switch between tool heads effortlessly; simply click into place for use and release with the push of a button (much like the mechanism of a seatbelt). Wolf-Garten’s lightweight metal handles are made from recycled aluminium to further help ensure ease of use, offering strength and durability along with effective shock-absorption for outstanding user comfort at all times. For the gardener who prefers a more traditional style of tool, meanwhile, wooden handles made from FSC certified ash are also available.

    The Wolf-Garten Multi-Change® Tool System is also a handy way of saving valuable time, space and money as it eliminates the need to fill your garden shed with endless horticultural paraphernalia. Not having to accommodate dozens of different tools is particularly handy as it helps to keep your shed tidy and ensures that you can access the equipment you need when you need it. Finally, as Wolf-Garten’s Multi-Change® tools and handles all come with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty you can rest assured of a long and reliable service life, and as “Every Tool Head Fits Every Handle” there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find the perfect combination to suit your needs. All you need to do pick a handle which suits you then pick a tool head to match and set to work!