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Your garden is, with any luck, a place in which you can relax and feel good, far away from the madding crowd and the various stresses of day-to-day life. You will therefore want to ensure that your plants and your lawn stay green and healthy, providing a private little Eden in which to find some peaceful respite. To make certain that your garden remains appropriately verdant, however, it is essential to have an effective watering regime. Luckily for you Gardena’s Water Management System provides a simple solution to all of your irrigative needs, with a variety of products available for watering and water transportation in every kind of garden imaginable.

Founded in Germany in 1961 by Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner, Gardena’s breakthrough came in 1968 with the development of the Original Gardena System; a range of hoses, connectors and accessories which provide a complete, easy-to-use and superbly reliable method of getting water to where it is most needed in your garden. The brilliance of the Original System is that its simple but effective connectors make it easy to switch between accessories and hoses as the job requires, while the high quality materials used in the construction of Original System products ensures that a watertight connection is maintained at all times.

With an extensive range of Gardena hoses, reel sets, sprinkler systems, spray guns and hose connectors available, we therefore stock everything you could possibly need to make sure that your garden stays healthy and beautiful year after year. Of particular note is the special carbon-reinforced spiral mesh textile used in the production of Gardena’s hosepipes, as this ensures that Gardena hoses offer industry-leading pressure resistance while also preventing tangling; a knotty dilemma faced by every gardener at one point or another! With a Gardena hose you will therefore be able to set straight to work without having to spend an infuriating half hour unravelling it first, which means more time for enjoying the abundant greenery in your garden instead.

Once you take into consideration the various other products which comprise the Original System, ranging from simple but effective spray lances to comprehensive sprinkler systems and pleasingly portable hose reels, there truly is something available for every horticultural situation no matter how big or small the garden in question might be. Popular with professional users and domestic gardeners alike, Gardena’s water management products are thus ideal for helping your garden to grow.