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    One of the most common problems experienced by gardeners when rain is scarce and watering flowerbeds, vegetable patches and other vegetation becomes a necessity is arriving at the garden shed only to find a knotted mass where you had previously left a neatly coiled hosepipe. Nobody knows why hosepipes love to tangle themselves up so much (perhaps they just get bored now and then) but given that the problem is so widespread it makes sense to invest in a quality hose reel to keep your hose protected and neatly coiled so that it is ready for use when the need arises. Moreover, whatever the size or shape of your garden, we’re pretty confident that we have a hose reel suitable for your particular needs.

    This is because we stock a wide variety of hose reels produced by Gardena, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of horticultural water management products. Gardena’s Original System range is renowned for its practicality and leak-free performance, and its hose reels are no exception to this. Sturdily made in order to ensure that your hosepipe stays in top condition even after years of use, Gardena’s hose reels are all designed to provide quick and convenient access to your hose at a moment’s notice for hassle-free watering around your garden.

    The precise reel for you will depend upon your particular requirements. For those with smaller gardens or those simply looking for a handy way of watering plants on patios and balconies, Gardena’s smaller hose reels are lightweight and compact enough to be carried with ease but also save storage space and prevent the risk of tripping on a length of uncoiled hose. Those with larger gardens, meanwhile, will appreciate the portability of Gardena’s many and various hose trolleys, all of which feature smooth-running wheels and a low centre of gravity to ensure exceptional manoeuvrability and stability while transporting your hose to and from the garden shed.

    An alternative solution would be to invest in one of Gardena’s wall-mounted hose boxes, which simultaneously keep your hosepipe stored neatly away while not in use and make sure that you can always access your hose when you need it (with an automatic roll-up mechanism saving time and eliminating the risk of tangling when it comes to returning the hose to the reel). And as some of Gardena’s reel sets also include a hose and attachments as standard there are some incredible bargains to be had here, so browse away and feel free to contact our sales team if you need any further advice!