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    Quality is always an issue when selecting a garden hose for domestic watering. This is because there are too many cheaply made hoses out there which will work fine for a while before quickly degrading when exposed to UV from sunlight, abrasion and high water pressures (particularly during intensive applications which require a more powerful flow, such as cleaning dirty horticultural equipment). Gardena’s various hosepipes buck this trend, however, by offering innovations in terms of strength, flexibility and reliability to help ensure years of sterling service.

    Gardena’s range is divided into three main categories (“Classic”, “Comfort” and “Premium”) with the best hose for you depending on your particular requirements. Gardena’s Classic hoses, for example, offer an exceptional combination of practicality and value for money. Available in a variety of lengths, these Classic hoses are made from high quality, pressure- and UV-resistant PVC free from harmful plasticisers and heavy metals. This tough but flexible material can withstand up to 22bar of pressure and keeps its shape over time for ever reliable performance, so a Gardena Classic hose will serve casual gardeners well for all basic applications.

    The Comfort range, meanwhile, is divided into “Comfort Flex” and “Comfort High Flex” hoses. Both of these kinds of hose bestow all of the benefits in terms of toughness, flexibility and versatility as the hoses in the Classic range, but to an even greater degree. This is thanks to the innovative spiral mesh textile that Gardena uses in manufacturing its Comfort Flex and Comfort High Flex hoses, which has been reinforced with carbon spirals for extra durability and pressure resistance. An added bonus of this is that hoses made with this carbon-augmented material resist tangling while retaining their flexibility, thus saving time and effort otherwise spent unravelling your hose before use.

    The main difference between Comfort Flex and Comfort High Flex hoses is the density of the carbon spirals used in their production, with the greater concentration of reinforced spirals in the Comfort High Flex range offering a maximum pressure resistance of up to 30bar (compared to the 25bar which Comfort Flex hoses are designed to handle). The Premium Super Flex hoses, however, improve on this still further, increasing the density of the spiral weave to withstand pressures of up to 35bar. This makes these superb hoses perfect for even the most demanding domestic watering and cleaning applications. What’s more, all of Gardena’s Comfort and Premium range hoses also feature an innovative Power Grip’ profile for enhanced handling and a perfect connection with all Gardena Original System connectors and accessories. As such you are very unlikely to find a better range of hoses on the market today.